Best Selling CBD Oil


What is cbd ?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the Cannabid sativa plant, whish is also known as marijuana or help, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike its cousin, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the major active ingredient in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive.

CBD Oils

The raw, unprepared form of CBD. Can be taken by placing under the tongue for 90 seconds. Can also be used in preparing edible CBD products.

CBD Tinctures

Dissolved in another liquid, often pure alcohol or MCT oil and is derived from coconuts. These help to make CBD easier to absorb for the body.


CBD isolate is an all-natural cannabinoid supplement made from hemp oil that's been refined down to pure CBD.


BRAIN: antipsychotic, anti-depressant, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety

EYES: vasorelaxant, for glaucoma

HEART: arthorescloseosis, anti-ischemic, anti-inflammatory

INTESTINES: anti-prokinetic

BONES: osteoporosis, aids in growth and strengthening

JOINTS: reduces arthritis and joint pain

STOMACH: antiemetic, appetite control, aids digestion